IAM User Monitoring at scale

Monitoring IAM user activities and tracking user access to specific regions and services is vital for maintaining the security of your AWS environment. By leveraging CloudYali, you can proactively detect suspicious behavior, enforce least privilege, and ensure compliance with confidence. Stay in control of your AWS security and protect your valuable resources.

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v2.0 - Securing AWS cloud resources

Use latest CIS AWS Foundations benchmark for securing AWS cloud resources. Understand what has changed in this version since CIS AWS v1.5.0

AWS S3 Bucket Creation Date Discrepancy in master and other regions

AWS S3 bucket creation date may be reported differently in different regions. To get the S3 bucket creation date correctly call list api in us-east-1.

[Feature Announcement] Introducing CloudYali IAM Monitoring

CloudYali is proud to introduce its latest feature, IAM Monitoring, designed to revolutionize the way you secure your cloud infrastructure. CloudYali's IAM Monitoring feature provides a powerful, centralized view of all IAM user information across multiple AWS accounts.

How to get Free AWS credits!

Experimenting on AWS can be costly. Fortunately, AWS promotional credits are available through various sources.

How to find all regions an AWS Service is available

Not all AWS services are available in all AWS regions. Discover different ways you can find all AWS regions any AWS services are available.

Demystifying AWS PrivateLink and VPC Endpoint Services: Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the technical details of AWS PrivateLink and VPC Endpoint services, and how they can improve your network security and performance.

The Absolute minimum every developer must know about AWS security!

The AWS Identity and Access Management is the fabric that connects almost everything in the AWS Cloud ecosystem. Understanding the IAM model properly is key to a successful cloud implementation.