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Get Cloud Resource Information at Your Fingertips.
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Instant visibility across all accounts and regions.
Instant visibility across
Security, Inventory and Cost.


Is Your Cloud spread across accounts and regions?

Get all resources information in one place


Prepackaged yet customisable.
We build managed rules, and you build your business.


No headache tool for Cloud native business.

Automate your Cloud Security Compliance
Security Compliance Dashboard
Stay Compliant with Leading Security Standards

Stay compliant with industry-leading security standards and regulations

Gain a competitive edge by demonstrating your commitment to security and compliance

AWS Foundational Security Controls and CIS AWS Benchmark Control v 1.5.0 are fully supported

Automated Scanning and Instant Reports

Automated controls run at a defined frequency, so you can rest assured that your AWS environment is always secure

Receive real-time reports if any resources fail compliance checks

Detailed reports that provide all the information you need to remediate any issues

Master Your Cloud with Comprehensive
AWS Resource Inventory
All your resources across accounts and regions in one place

Seamlessly discover and track resources across multiple AWS accounts and regions

Gain a complete overview of your cloud environment with quick access to all your resources

View the configuration history and current state of each resource

Track configuration changes over time

Compare different versions of resources and see the differences

Identify configuration change issues quickly

AWS Resource Inventory Page

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