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Make Informed Decisions with Comprehensive Resource, Security, and Cost Tracking
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Security Compliance Dashboard
Security Compliance
Stay Compliant with AWS Security Standards

A simple visual way to filter and view all your cloud configuration changes

Security Standards
Continous check
CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.4.0 and
AWS Foundational Security Best Practices
Detect failed rules and resources in real time
Agentless Discovery & Inventory
Know exactly where your resources are

An instant and effortless way to discover your resources from all AWS accounts and regions.

Comprehensive Discovery
Continous Sync up
Discover in all enabled regions for largest number of supported AWS resource types and AWS services.
Regular interval discovery to keep in sync with your cloud.  
AWS Resource Discovery and Inventory
AWS Resource Change Configuration History
Resource Change History
Track cloud changes

A simple visual way to filter and view all your cloud configuration changes

Visual Change timeline
Active and deleted resources
View all configuration changes for your resource on the timeline.
Track not just active resources but even the deleted ones too.
Deep Cloud Query
Make better cloud decisions

Find resources you are looking for with their attributes or with AWS tags. No coding required.

Resource Attribute Search
Global Tag Search
Find resources with their specific attributes.
Use AWS tags to precisely find resources for a specific costcenter, business unit or product.
AWS Resource Attribute Search