e are thrilled to unveil our latest feature, IAM Monitoring, which is set to revolutionize the way you secure your cloud environment. With CloudYali IAM User Monitoring, you gain an unprecedented and powerful, centralized view of all IAM user information across multiple AWS accounts, enabling you to identify and address potential security risks like never before swiftly.

Here's what IAM Monitoring brings to the table:

🔍 Centralized View: Experience the convenience of accessing a unified dashboard effortlessly, displaying all your IAM users, groups, and roles across multiple AWS accounts. Say goodbye to juggling between different screens and welcome seamless management in a single, consolidated space.

🔒 Security Optimization: Bid farewell to dormant IAM users and groups no longer in use, significantly reducing your attack surface. But that's not all! Detect and address IAM users with excessive permissions, ensuring the principle of least privilege is upheld. Your cloud security has never been more fortified!

🚨 Activity Monitoring: CloudYali IAM Monitoring keeps a vigilant eye on every single IAM user activity. No more missing out on signs of suspicious behaviour! Our advanced monitoring capabilities empower you to proactively safeguard your cloud environment and respond swiftly to potential threats.

📊 Reports and Alerts: Stay on top of your cloud security game with our comprehensive reports and timely alerts regarding security issues. With this valuable information, you can take swift action and make informed decisions to protect your organization effectively.

IAM users accessed services and regions
Users accessed services and regions

IAM Monitoring is an absolute must-have solution for cloud teams committed to fortifying the security of their AWS environments. By swiftly identifying and addressing potential security vulnerabilities, this feature aids in averting data breaches and other critical security incidents. Rest easy knowing that your cloud infrastructure is in safe hands!

Excitingly, today we are releasing IAM Monitoring for IAM Users! To learn more IAM root user monitoring details, check out our latest blog post. To learn more about non root user accessed regions and services monitoring read blog. For more details and supported capabilities you may refer to our documentation.

But that's not all! In the coming weeks, we will be introducing IAM Group and Role Monitoring, providing you with even greater control and visibility over your cloud access management. Stay tuned for these exciting enhancements!

Join us on this journey to safeguard your cloud infrastructure. Together, let's elevate your cloud security to new heights!

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