Unified Identity Visibility

Gain complete visibility into all identities and access across your SaaS/Cloud systems.

Gain Complete Insight into Your Company's App Access and Identities

In today's rapidly evolving SaaS and Cloud landscape, organizations face challenges in understanding and managing identities and access. With AccessGuard, you can overcome these visibility issues and gain unified visibility across all of your company's apps and associated identities.

SaaS Adoption

Rapid adoption of SaaS solutions leads to a complex web of identities and access permissions.

Decentralized Identity Management

Decentralized identity management makes it difficult to track and manage access across systems.

Unlock Identity Visibility

Gain Visibility into Your Cloud Identities

AccessGuard provides a step-by-step process to map out all identities and their access levels across different cloud systems. With unified visibility, you can easily understand who has access to what.

Step 1: Connect Your Cloud Systems

AccessGuard integrates seamlessly with your existing cloud systems, allowing you to pull in all identity data.

Step 2: Discover and Map Identities

AccessGuard automatically discovers and maps out all identities associated with your cloud systems.

Step 3: Analyze Access Levels

AccessGuard analyzes access levels for each identity, providing a comprehensive view of their permissions.

AccessGuard has been a game-changer for our organization. It has provided us with unified visibility across all of our apps and associated identities and access, allowing us to easily identify and address any security risks.

John Doe

CTO, XYZ Company


AccessGuard provides unified visibility across all of a company’s apps and associated identities and access.

How does AccessGuard achieve visibility?

AccessGuard achieves visibility by integrating with all cloud systems and SaaS applications used by the company. It collects and analyzes identity and access data, providing a comprehensive view of all identities and their associated access rights. This allows security and IT teams to easily identify orphaned accounts, risky privileges, unused accounts, and inappropriate access.

What are the benefits of unified visibility?

Unified visibility provided by AccessGuard enables security and IT teams to effectively manage and control access across all cloud systems and SaaS applications. It helps in reducing security risks, ensuring compliance, and improving overall access hygiene. With a single view of all identities and access rights, organizations can quickly identify and address any security gaps or issues.

How does AccessGuard maintain visibility?

AccessGuard maintains visibility by continuously monitoring and updating identity and access data. It automatically detects any changes or anomalies in access rights, providing real-time visibility into who has access to what. This proactive approach helps in identifying and mitigating any potential security risks or unauthorized access.

Can AccessGuard detect unused accounts?

Yes, AccessGuard can detect unused accounts by analyzing access patterns and user activity. It identifies accounts that have not been used for a specified period of time, allowing organizations to take appropriate actions such as disabling or deleting those accounts. This helps in reducing the attack surface and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

How can AccessGuard help with compliance?

AccessGuard helps with compliance by providing centralized access audit logs. It captures and stores detailed information about user access activities, allowing organizations to easily demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. The audit logs can be used for internal audits, external audits, and compliance reporting.

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