Discover, Track, and Optimize Your AWS Resources

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Feature Overview

Automated Resource Discovery and Inventory

Now effortlessly discover and inventory all your AWS resources across accounts and regions. No more manual effort or tedious juggling of multiple accounts and regions.

Configuration Change History for Your Resources

Easily track and manage changes to resource configurations with a detailed change history, Quickly identify and address any changes or issues, minimizing the risk of downtime and data loss.

Fuel Your Workflows with Resource Inventory Access

Unleash the power of flexibility with our open-ended resource inventory access. Export your resource inventory as a CSV, empowering you to seamlessly integrate and feed it into your workflows. Enjoy daily automatic updates or customize scan intervals to keep your resource information up to date.

Gain Insights and Spot Trends with Comprehensive Historical Dashboard

Our feature-rich dashboard empowers you to effortlessly track and analyze historical trends across accounts and regions. Experience the power of centralized historical trend analysis and take control of your AWS resources like never before.


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