he inventory information is collected from all the AWS accounts and regions. The resources and their configuration information is collected and maintained by CloudYali. This configuration information can be used for various audit, security, compliance verification and enforcement purposes.

Today we are launching a new experimental feature to allow query for all such information. These queries execute for all the AWS accounts and regions.

How to access this feature?

Visit the 'Query' tab in CloudYali console and look for the interested query. Hit the 'Run' button and get the results. You may also export these results via 'Export to CSV' link in the upper right corner of the results pane.

What are limitations?

At this moment all these queries are executed against current configuration from all AWS accounts and regions. User cannot select AWS accounts or regions.

Is any customer action needed?

No. This feature is automatically available to all our customers.

What enhancements are planned for the future?

  • Additional queries for general cloud management, security etc.
  • Allow user to select the AWS accounts and regions.
  • Allow user to configure query execution schedule.

We plan to start releasing these enhancements in coming weeks, and would be available to all our customers automatically.

What queries are available currently?

  • Unused elastic IP addresses
  • Users without MFA
  • Unused EBS volumes
  • Unencrypted EBS volumes
  • Publically accessible RDS instances

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